Photos: Arizona Hot Springs, Fremont Street, Valley of Fire

Decided to go on a last minute trip to Las Vegas for the holidays with my family complete with a 9-mile day hike to a hot springs, a climbing trip in Red Rock State Park and a day of hiking in the spectacular Valley of Fire State park. I had no idea that Vegas was so close to some epic sights.


Ryan hikes to the Hot Springs.


Shira and Ryan watch as some drunk, drugged up dude gets ready to photobomb the shot.


A moody scene on Fremont Street on Christmas Day.


3000-year-old petroglyphs are seen on the walls of Atlatl rock in Valley of Fire State Park.


A tourist snaps a shot on top of some rocks at Beehive Rock.


Saw this kid having some problems climbing.


Long horn sheep!


Shira looking to the great beyond.


The Fire Wave at Valley of Fire.


Shira and Ryan get ready to hike back to the car.


Pugs are deprived of the epic views at Valley of Fire.


Mandatory self portrait.

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