Baseball, baseball, and more baseball: Round II

Major League Baseball has been in full swing lately and I’ve had the opportunity to cover the Arizona Diamondbacks a bit for the Arizona Republic. I have to admit that I used to be totally intimidated by shooting baseball. Getting good photos by simply following the action is pretty much futile and it’s a mistake that many make in the beginning. You’ve got to anticipate the action and stay ahead of the game or else you’ll find yourself with a take full of photos that were milliseconds too late. I finally feel like I’m beginning to get a handle on the sport, in part because I’ve shot a lot of it and also because I’ve had the opportunity to watch and learn from some of the most talented photographers out there. At any rate, covering an exciting team like the Diamondbacks has made this photographic journey much more enjoyable and I’m looking forward to covering more of the team in the future… starting tonight with the Dbacks game against the Milwaukee Brewers.


PNI0706-spt Diamondbacks 0321130751cwp


PNI0622-spt Diamondbacks 0319130831cwp

PNI0622-spt Diamondbacks 0319130831cwp

PNI0708-spt Diamondbacks 0321130755cwp


In addition to shooting game action, I recently worked on an assignment for a Cincinnati paper about Chad Jones, a recently acquired pitcher who nearly lost his leg in a car accident not too long ago. While pitching for the Louisiana Tigers, Jones won a College World Series as well as a BCS National Championship playing safety for the school’s football team. Jones was drafted by the NY Giants during one of their championship-winning seasons, but was injured in his wreck only a few weeks after joining the team. He’s a great guy and is brimming talent. I’m looking forward to watching him throw in the majors.

PNI0709-spt Diamondbacks 0321130759cwp

PNI0709-spt Diamondbacks 0321130759cwp

PNI0709-spt Diamondbacks 0321130759cwp

PNI0709-spt Diamondbacks 0321130759cwp


Images copyright © Arizona Republic 2013


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