Photos: Few more frames from the past two weeks

The past few weeks since I’ve posted have been pretty intense. I’m finally starting to feel like I’m settling into a new environment here and am getting used to my surroundings, in a good way. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot all sorts of stuff the past few weeks, including a bunch of portraits, features and even some spot news. Looking forward to a pair of days off to recharge the batteries literally and figuratively.

Dickerson_webQuick portrait on a local artist here. Loved the background, and thanks to the overcast, I was able to make her pop in front of it with some minimal flash.

DSC_5141Mutton Busting. There are much better photos of this out there, but I’m OK with this on my first go.

DSC_2043Some XC from today.

DSC_7449ATrying to make chicken salad out of chicken shit on an assignment about a pontoon that moves about a foot per minute (well maybe more than that, but pretty boring)

DSC_1435One of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. Dude is a clam digging ninja and a competitive logger.

DSC_1443One more.

DSC_2668What it looks like here when it isn’t raining cats and dogs.

DSC_0027_webFake mass shooting at Grays Harbor Hospital. Wish I got some cooler frames from this assignment. Lots of “wish I did that differently” when I was editing through my take.


DSC_1228Another artist portrait


And a one-of-a-kind boat crash sunset. Thanks for looking!


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